Our Team

H. Mattson Austin
Director & Chief FInancial Officer

H. Mattson Austin is the Chief Financial Officer and a director for Blanning & Baker. Austin also serves as the principal labor relations consultant for the San Francisco office. He has been an independent labor relations consultant for four decades.

Austin has worked with clients in a range of industries from government, entertainment, manufacturing, construction, the environment, engineering and higher education. He has spent a committed career working with employee groups to further collective bargaining, and enlightened managements to promote equity and participation in collective bargaining to mutual benefit.

Austin is an associate member of the State Bar of California Labor & Employment Law section, a member of the Labor and Employment Relations Association and a member of the Commonwealth Club of California. He has both a Bachelor’s and a Master of Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University, and has taken additional coursework from UCLA.

Austin has taught classes on negotiation techniques, labor relations administration and effective advocacy.  As a senior leader for the firm’s strategic direction, he regularly acts as an advisor to the lead consultants for all our clients.