Our Team

We bring professional management, strategic planning, and people who know how to get things done… success.

Ted Toppin


Ted Toppin is the President of Blanning & Baker and serves as the Executive Director of the Professional Engineers in California Government.  He is also a registered lobbyist..

H. Mattson Austin


H. Mattson Austin is the Chief Financial Officer and a director for Blanning & Baker. Austin also serves as the principal labor relations consultant for the San Francisco office. He has been an independent labor relations…

Chris Voight


Christopher J. Voight is a shareholder with Blanning & Baker Associates.

For over 30 years, Voight has represented California state employees includings…

April beale


April Beale serves as the bookkeeper for Blanning & Baker clients. She is responsible for tracking accounts payable and receivable for all clients and ensuring that the financial records are balanced each month…

Breanna Cabrera

Administrative Assistant

Breanna Cabrera serves as an administrative assistant in Blanning & Baker’s Sacramento office. Cabrera assists Blanning & Baker staff and client leadership…

Brandon Cheathon

Media & Outreach Coordinator

Brandon Cheathon is a Media and Outreach Coordinator at Blanning & Baker. His responsibilities include developing traditional and social media strategies to enhance the public perception of client leaders..

Nadia Compton


Nadia Compton is a labor relations consultant and event coordinator in Blanning & Baker’s Sacramento Office…

Sebastian de la Rosa

Membership Consultant

Sebastian de la Rosa is a Membership Specialist at Blanning & Baker.  He works with clients to develop member recruitment and engagement strategies aimed at…

Renay Dennis

Administrative Assistant

Dennis provides administrative support for Blanning & Baker staff and clients. Dennis assists Blanning & Baker staff and client leadership with communications, meeting…

Cherry Desuasido

Insurance Administrator

Cherry Desuasido is the Blanning & Baker Insurance Administrator for client life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and long-term care programs…

Christiana Dominguez


Christiana Dominguez has been with Blanning & Baker since 2011, save for a brief tour of duty at the California Department of Justice where she served as a legislative…

Dawn Grosodonia

Labor Relations Consultant

Dawn Grosodonia joined Blanning & Baker’s southern California office in 2003.  As a labor relations consultant, she works with client leadership and legal staff to ensure…

Matt Hanson


Matt Hanson is an employment lawyer who works in B&B’s San Francisco office.   He graduated from San Diego State University and the University of Oregon…

Oksana Kambur

Graphic Designer & Web manager

Oksana Kambur designs our visual communications for both print and web, and manages and maintains several client websites and print productions…

Lauren Kerr

Office Manager

Lauren Kerr serves as the Office Manager for Blanning & Baker. She handles political action committee functions and finances for clients…

Eric Khuon

Database Administrator & Membership Coordinator

Eric Khuon manages client membership databases and websites, as well as provides membership support to clients, and technical and computer support to staff…

Kayla Lebhart

Administrative Assistant

Kayla Lebhart serves as administrative support for the clients in Blanning & Baker’s Sacramento office. She assists with clerical duties, special projects, and general operations…

Michelle Manawis

Event Coordinator & Webmaster

Michelle Manawis serves as webmaster in Blanning & Baker’s Sacramento office.  She is responsible for website development and maintenance for several clients…

Kris Octabiano


Kris Octabiano provides professional representation to clients in a wide array of legal matters including contract enforcement, disciplinary actions, and legal analysis…

Jon ortiz

Director of Media & Research

Jon Ortiz joined the firm after 13 years as an award-winning journalist with the Sacramento Bee.  In 2008, he launched the State Worker Blog and column, and was the only journalist…

Bianca Petzold Gutierrez

Labor Relations Consultant & Event Coordinator

Bianca Gutierrez Petzold is a staff consultant in Blanning & Baker’s Sacramento Office. Gutierrez Petzold serves as the staff director and a labor relations consultant for the…

Jesse Rodriguez


Jesse Rodriguez provides professional representation to state engineers and state scientists in matters ranging from contract enforcement to the interpretation and application…

Kandi Sanders


Kandi Sanders has served at Blanning & Bakers since 2011. She heads up the administrative staff critical to the success of Blanning & Baker clients…

Shayla Silva

Political & Legislative Consultant

Shayla Silva serves as a Political and Legislative Consultant in Blanning and Baker’s Sacramento office.  She provides professional support to ensure the success of client…

Nadine Westcott

Federal & State Policy Advisor

Nadine Westcott has served at Blanning & Baker since 2002. On behalf of clients, she directs federal and state policy programs in the areas of transportation, infrastructure…