Our Services

We bring professional management, strategic planning, and people who know how to get things done… success.

Blanning & Baker

Blanning & Baker is committed to managing your organization in the way you want it managed – that preserves your organizational culture, history and unique characteristics. We don’t want to change you – our only interest is achieving tangible results for our clients.

Blanning & Baker will work with your organizational leadership to define a strategic mission and develop a plan that achieves short and long-term goals and objectives. Strategic planning frees organizational leaders to focus on the mission and the decision-making necessary to get things done. Our role is to carry out the mission and manage the day-to-day professional, operational and administrative details.

No matter what the nature of your organization or our assignment – full-service management or project or assignment specific services – we welcome every opportunity to prove ourselves to our client organizations.

Serving Your Every Need: Large And Small

Blanning & Baker understands that every organization is unique with different needs. We’re committed to providing the services your organization needs and wants; we have no interest in recommending services that don’t serve your goals and objectives.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss providing full-service management tailored to your needs or project specific services on an as needed basis.

Labor Relations

Blanning & Baker offers experienced contract negotiators and hearing advocates. The range of our expertise includes negotiation strategy and bargaining table spokespersons, as well as conducting salary surveys, evaluating and preparing classification proposals, costing proposals, and training bargaining team members. We cover all aspects of successful contract negotiation and implementation. Blanning & Baker will also train key client personnel on contract provisions and represent the client in the grievance process, including arbitration.

Association management

Blanning & Baker specializes in providing California associations with expertise in membership development, benefit administration, financial recording and reporting, database management, website development and administration, meeting and convention planning, governmental advocacy and virtually anything else a statewide or regional association may require.

Governmental Advocacy

Blanning & Baker employs two full-time lobbyists with experience in achieving results for client organizations in the California Legislature and state government, US Congress and the federal government, and local governments throughout California. Blanning & Baker takes the time to truly understand a client's issues and objectives and uses that information to develop persuasive messages and strategies that help clients achieve their objectives in the Legislature, Administration, and media.

Media relations & Public Communications

Blanning & Baker employs a full-time press representative, and other staff, with contacts throughout California to advance the interests of client organizations in California's television, radio and print medias. On behalf of clients, Blanning & Baker has produced three award winning (including three Emmys) documentaries, television and radio advertisements, online ads and print ads for major newspapers. Blanning & Baker staff members have also managed or produced television, radio and print media for statewide initiatives campaigns and dozens of statewide, congressional and state legislative races.

PAC Management & Reporting

Blanning & Baker manages multiple political action committees with hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets for its clients. Blanning & Baker has experience in all aspects of PAC management, including electronic filing, compliance with the latest Secretary of State and Fair Political Practice Commission regulations, and PAC budgeting to achieve organizational objectives. Don't leave your PAC management to chance or volunteers. Mistakes in PAC filings can result in a large fine or worse.

Web page, newsletter Publishing, & Graphic Design

Blanning & Baker has two full-time webmasters experienced in developing web pages, print and online newsletter publishing, and graphic design to meet any organization’s web, print and graphic needs. Blanning & Baker can help your organization utilize the latest membership and external communication software.