Our Company

Blanning & Baker is a full-service consulting firm that provides management expertise and a wide array of professional and administrative services including labor relations, association management, legislative advocacy and strategic communications to organizations large and small. We are committed to creating value, building strong organizations, and using the team approach to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives.
Blanning & Baker is a team of experienced professionals dedicated to achieving results. We specialize in understanding the needs of our clients, defining specific goals and objectives with organizational leaders, and then developing specially tailored programs that achieve results in a professional, cost-effective manner. Blanning & Baker has been in business for over 30 years with offices in Sacramento, San Francisco and Pasadena.

Why Choose Us

At Blanning & Baker, 60 years of experience has taught us the most efficient, cost-effective way to address the management and professional service needs of our clients.

Blanning & Baker offers your organization a number of specific advantages over the traditional approaches of hiring staff, numerous consultants or using volunteers.


Direct and immediate access to professionals skilled in labor relations, association management, governmental advocacy, legal affairs, labor negotiations, media/communications, database management, web design, meeting planning and much more.

Experienced Professionals

Team of experienced professionals, all with specialized skills, working together and with you to develop a plan and program that achieves and exceeds your goals.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness and cost savings due to shared resources and economies of scales. With Blanning & Baker, you only pay for the services you need.

Statewide Availability

Offices in Sacramento, San Francisco and Pasadena with staff that is always there to serve you.

Our Services


We bring professional management, strategic planning, people who know how to get things done… success.

Blanning & Baker is committed to managing your organization in the way you want it managed – that preserves your organizational culture, history and unique characteristics. We don’t want to change you – our only interest is achieving tangible results for our clients.

Blanning & Baker will work with your organizational leadership to define a strategic mission and develop a plan that achieves short and long-term goals and objectives. Strategic planning frees organizational leaders to focus on the mission and the decision-making necessary to get things done. Our role is to carry out the mission and manage the day-to-day professional, operational and administrative details.

No matter what the nature of your organization or our assignment – full-service management or project or assignment specific services – we welcome every opportunity to prove ourselves to our client organizations.

Serving Your Every Need: Large and Small

Blanning & Baker understands that every organization is unique with different needs. We’re committed to providing the services your organization needs and wants; we have no interest in recommending services that don’t serve your goals and objectives.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss providing full-service management tailored to your needs or project specific services on an as needed basis.

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