Our Clients & Partners

Professional Engineers in California Government (PECG)

PECG represents 13,000 state-employed engineers and related professionals responsible for designing and inspecting California’s infrastructure, improving air and water quality, and developing clean energy and green technology.

California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS)

CAPS represents nearly 3,000 highly educated, specially trained state-employed scientists working in over 30 state departments and 81 scientific classifications. CAPS members protect the public from life-threatening diseases, safeguard our wildlife and abundant natural resources, and protect our air and water from toxic waste and pollution.

Association of California State Supervisors (ACSS)

ACSS is California’s largest (8,000) and most experienced (since 1932) organization dedicated exclusively to advancing the employment and professional interests of California’s state-employed supervisors, managers and confidential employees working in every state department and agency.  ACSS is dedicated to rectifying salary compaction – the unfortunate circumstance in which supervisors and managers actually make less than their subordinates – throughout state government.

California State Retirees (CSR)

CSR is California’s largest state retiree organization.  CSR’s 35,000 members dedicated their careers to public service working in every state agency to serve taxpayers and implement the directions of the Legislature and governor.  CSR is committed to protecting the hard-earned pension and health care benefits of retired state employees.

California Young Democrats (CYD)

The California Young Democrats (CYD) is the official youth arm of the California Democratic Party, comprised of progressives age 14 to 35.  CYD promotes social justice, women’s rights, peace and stability in the world, and many other progressive values.

National Association of State Highway and Transportation Unions (NASHTU)

The National Association of State Highway and Transportation Unions (NASHTU) is dedicated to ensuring that federal transportation dollars are spent on cost-effective, safe projects that serve the public interest. NASHTU is comprised of 38 unions and associations representing hundreds of thousands of state and locally employed transportation engineers, construction managers and inspectors, technical workers and related public servants from throughout the United States.

Sacramento Regional Science & Engineering Fair Foundation (SRSEFF)

The Foundation is responsible for the annual Sacramento Regional Science & Engineering Fair.  The event encourages and rewards scientific, engineering and technological excellence among students in 6th through 12th grades throughout the Sacramento region.  SRSEFF also involves the business community, elected officials and the media through publicity, sponsorships, scholarships and mentoring opportunities.  Current and past sponsors include Intel, Liberty Mutual, Aerojet, Teichert Foundation, PECG and CAPS.